Tip #5050 Split skins

Do it yourself: Split skins

Split skins for use only one pair of skins for multiple pairs of ski.

Gear: glue skins (I tried with gecko skin, a kind of glue free skin, but it don’t works), tip loop.

Tools: permanent marker, something straight and long, scissors, sewing machine.

I have chosen a 100mm wide skins for ski between 107 and 130mm underfoot.

Tracé du milieu

Split line

Write a line splitting the skin in two equal parts.

Cut the skin following the line.

Découpe dans la longueur

Cutting in half

I have chosen to don’t cut the skins following the side cut of my skis. I have cut straight the skins to fit multiple skis shapes.

Cut and set up your tip loops.

Découpe des supports d'étrier

Tip loops mounts

Pique des supports d'étrier

Sewing the tip loop mount.

Supports d'étrier

Stitched tip loops

Découpe talon

Tail trimming

To find the good tip loop size, try to fit all the tips skis you want use with.

Put your skins on all your skis to find the better length. Then cut the tail skin in a circular shape.

You can use a yogurt pot to get a perfect circular shape. :d

You got it.

Exemple 107 et 130mm

Two different fitting.

Just need snow to have a field test.



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